Why hire a construction manager?


We've found over the years that there are as many answers to this question as there are Load-Bearing clients.


For nonprofit and for profit real estate developers, Load-Bearing can provide short-term or ongoing support for capital projects, supplementing and supporting existing staff. We can bring a level of expertise in construction that may be lacking within the organization.

For funders and lenders, Load-Bearing can provide experienced monitoring of projects that supports the work of your representatives and ensures your funds are being properly disbursed.

For housing associations, Load-Bearing can help assess the condition of your property and help you work collectively toward thoughtful decisions about reserves, capital improvements and the long-term sustainability of your collective asset.

For homeowners, Load-Bearing can help you define your home's capital improvement needs, identify appropriate contractors, oversee their work and act as your liaison to your local municipality to ensure your project meets local building code and requirements.